TaylorMade to Release Ghost Spider

Set to be released to the public today, TaylorMade‘s Ghost Spider combines  the Monza Spider and Ghost putter to create what is poised to be the new must-have for your golf bag.  The Ghost Spider boasts forgiveness, ease of use, and the one of the highest MOIs (Moment of Inertia) in the industry.

Ghost Spider prototypes appeared on the PGA circuit this year; Jason Day used one in the U.S Open and Master’s.  Soon after his fantastic finishes, TaylorMade was inundated with inquiries about the mysterious new putter.


A study of thousands of putting strokes using MAT-T (Motion Analysis Technology) System TaylorMade revealed that 65% of golfers do not square the putter face to the target from 12 feet.  This leads to inaccurate putts and higher scores. The TaylorMade Ghost Spider (created with the help of famous putting instructor Dave Stockton) is white. It contrasts with the putting green and diminishes glare from the sun.  Its top is finished with a unique “basketball court” design to optimize the line-up of shots.

The Putter Face

The Ghost Spider’s face is made of Surlyn®, the impact tough, cut resistant plastic found in golf balls.  TaylorMade’s  Pure Roll technology creates a forward spin that reduces skidding, creates accurate rolling, and allows perfect speed control.

Weight and Stability

The Ghost Spider is equipped with TaylorMade’s popular Moveable Weight Technology™; you can adjust the weight of the putter to make it heavy or light.  The high MOI helps prevent the club from twisting during off center hits.


The TaylorMade Ghost Spider is available in left or right-handed with a 33-,   34-, or 35-inch shaft for $179.  The waist length shaft (41-or 43-inch) retails for $199.


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by | July 12, 2011 · 2:45 pm

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