Golfing with God: USCGA Hosts Tournament at Ole Miss

The United States Christian Golf Association (USCGA) held its second major tournament of the year at Ole Miss last weekend, promoting the fellowship of Christian golfers.


The USCGA is an interdenominational ministry devoted to promoting fellowship among Christian golfers and providing the opportunity to share the gospel with other golfers.

Created in 2003, the USCGA serves Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding areas, and boasts 135 members from across Tennessee and Mississippi.  They have set their sights nationwide, hoping to establish chapters across the country.  Devotionals and evangelistic messages are part of every event hosted by the group and members often share their testimonies.

Membership is $75 per person and is open to men and women 18 or older. Junior golfers ages 16-17 are allowed to join with an adult family member.

The USCGA holds 18 tournaments each year and these events take place every two Saturdays.   Four major tournaments are held each year, and players earn double Player of the Year points during these events.  The 2011 Player of the Year will be allowed to defend their title in 2012 free of charge.

Tournament at Ole Miss

The organization played its first tournament at The Ole Miss Golf Course in the summer of 2010.  When USCGA players voted the course 2nd best course on the 2010 tour, organizers decided to host a major tournament at Ole Miss in 2011.    USCGA President, Carlton Chambers remarked, “players from this year’s tournament raved about the plush course conditions, the beauty, and the fun challenge of the course.”

To find out more about the USCGA, click here.


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