Tiger Falls Out of Top 20

Tiger made headlines again on Monday as he fell from the top 20 rankings.  Woods is now #21 on the list, his lowest ranking since 1997.  Previously, Woods held the records for most consecutive weeks at #1 and for the greatest number of total weeks spent on the list.  (Woods is still #8 in the US rankings.)

The Official World Golf rankings work on a 2 year rolling average.  Tiger did well until Thanksgiving of 2009, so he has remained in the top 20.  It is almost the anniversary of his three back to back places (2 wins and a second place finish) at the Buick Classic, Bridgestone, and PGA Championship tournaments.  When these wins fall off Tiger’s rolling average, he’ll have only the 2009 BMW Championship and Australian Masters to average in.  Unless he can recover from his injuries and get back in the game,  his free fall will continue. 

Last week, Woods made headlines when he fired his long-time caddie and friend, Steve Williams, who had accompanied him in 13 of his 14 major championships.  Personal problems and injury have plagued Woods since late 2009, and in April, he injured his leg on the 17th hole at the Master’s.  He reinjured himself during The Player’s Championship, and blamed the short time he allowed himself for recovery. He has either dropped out of or missed the last three major tournaments.  Woods has set no specific timetable for his return,  and it appears that the drop in ranking will continue, at least for a while.

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5 responses to “Tiger Falls Out of Top 20

  1. SoA

    Is it the end of the Tiger Era????

  2. It’s incredible how little we know about Woods’ future. He has dumped Stevie and hasn’t seen Sean Foley in weeks. His return should be fascinating. Will he put four respectable rounds together or flame out in Akron like he did last year?

  3. There’s no telling what’s going to happen now. He’s always really great under pressure, but he hasn’t practiced with Foley recently. It could go either way at this point. Either way, we’re gonna be watching history being made!

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