Do You Need a Hybrid Golf Club?

What is a hybrid?

A hybrid, by definition, is a product created by combining to different elements.  In this case, the hybrid club is created by combining the forgiveness of an iron with the advantages of a wood.  Hybrids were designed for distance control and accuracy, and have shorter shafts and stiffer club faces.   The center of gravity is located on the bottom of the club, which helps launch the ball into the air.  Hybrid clubs were originally intended as rescue clubs, but many golfers use them in place of their fairway irons.

What does a hybrid do?

Hybrids accomplish two main objectives.

First, they increase the angle of your launch so that the ball carries higher than an iron.   Irons have a lower trajectory and smaller club face.  The longer shaft on irons neccessitates a swing that is very difficult to master.  It takes plenty of space to swing clubs with longer shafts, so they are almost impossible to use in from the rough or under trees.

Second, hybrids increase the loft and tighten impulse for increased backspin on the ball.  The backspin you’ll get with a hybrid differs from that of an iron or a wood in that the the higher loft and lower angle stop the ball more abruptly on impact.  The ball rolls only a few yards after it lands.

When should you use a hybrid?

Hybrid golf clubs can be used in a variety of situations.  They are good for long shots from the rough, under  cover of trees, and can replace fairway woods.  Hybrids are also excellent for chipping just beyond the green, since the low trajectory of the ball hit with a hybrid will create a short chip and a putt-like roll.   Players using hybrid golf clubs will gain 5-8 yards per shot over regular irons.

Who should use a hybrid golf club?

Professional golfers have begun to look to hybrids for rescue situations, as well as general game improvement.    Beginners, women, and seniors also benefit because hybrid clubs boost confidence and create more distance than traditional irons.   Hybrids are useful to players at any skill level and are a great addition to any golf bag.


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