GolfShot: Number One Golf GPS App for iPhone and Android

I bet those guys playing on the Scottish links in the 1300s never expected this.

The technological revolution has seeped into the ancient world of golf.  The advances golf has experienced over the years have been incredible.  Feather bags to rubber cores. Wooden clubs to titanium and graphite.  As our knowledge of the world expands, so do the products we use to improve our game.  Now we can track everything we do (or don’t do) on the golf course by using the GPS on our smartphone.  Golf applications have taken the guesswork out of your game.  You can track distances to greens and obstacles, analyze statistics, calculate your handicap, and email your scorecard to your friends with a device small enough to fit in your pocket.

Golfshot Golf GPS is, globally, the most popular golf application on both the iPhone and the Android.  The Golfshot app costs $29.95, but that doesn’t seem outrageous when you consider it’s ease of use and the stats it has to offer.  We’ll save you all the marketing mumbo-jumbo and just tell you what you can expect.


-Zoomable aerial views of 35,000 courses

-Handicap calculating

-Emailable score cards

-Stats tracking and graphing, including:

  • fairways hit
  • fairways missed (left or right)
  • greens hit in regulation
  • saves from the sand
  • putts per hole
  • distance tracking to targets and hazards
  • scoring percentages and averages
  • recovery scrambling
  • golfer comparisons

This is the most detailed golf smarphone GPS application on the market.  You can watch the demo video on the Golfshot site or read some of their many FAQs to learn more about it.

Do you use any of the Golf GPS applications? Which ones?  Send us a message at or leave us a comment and let us know so we can try them out!

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