Sites for Golf Tips and Instruction

This week will be centered around putting.  We’ll have some Top Tips from Jack O’Keefe and some advice from putting instructor James Payne. 

Today, we’ve compiled a list of  golf websites that can be helpful in improving your game.  These are some of the most popular and well-known sites on the internet, so be sure to bookmark this page.  Then you’ll have a great list of internet resources in one place!

The PGA’s website is chocked full of information to help you improve your game.  It has a tip of the day, tabs for assistance on different aspects of the game, an Ask the Experts section, and search engine that will help you find an instructor near you.

Golf Digest

Golf Digest has taken their magazine to the internet and it doesn’t disappoint.  There are tons of tips, videos, and photos sure to help you improve your game.  They even have a blog dedicated to posts that will help you improve your game.

Golf Tips Magazine

This entire golf website is dedicated to improving your game and information on equipment, tips, and instructional videos and is a fantastic resource for golfer at any skill level.

Golf Channel is an excellent resource for tips to improve your game.  It has in depth videos, clips from their shows, and you can even find a topic and create a lesson plan for yourself by creating playlists of instructional videos. is part of Sports Illustrated and is a huge resource for golfers.  There is an instruction tab and the information on how to improve your game is seemingly endless.

Golf Pigeon

Golf Pigeon is one of the newer websites dedicated to golf, but it has a lot of great information. It is a golf directory and social site that is poised to become the greatest golf search engine on the internet.

Additional Resources

Don’t forget to check out our blogroll, too.  They’ve got great information on tips and equiptment, and they’re all really great reads.

With these resources, your game will be vastly improved in no time.  We can’t guarantee aces every time, but we can guarantee that accessing these resources will help you become a better player.


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