What is Tee It Forward?

Tee it Forward encourages golfers to play from tees that best suit their game based on driver distance. The theory behind the program is that golfers have a faster, more enjoyable round on the course when they play from tees that are appropriate to their abilities. The Tee it Forward Program encourages a “Tour-Equivalent Experience” related to yardage and the use of clubs that a PGA or LPGA professional would use for the same round.

The chart below is a guideline for selecting tees. The PGA states that you should “use the chart as a guildeline to select the tees most appropriate for you. Tee it Forward is based on how far you hit your driver and it recomends a total distance for 18 holes.”

Driver Distance Recommended 18-Hole Yardages
275 6700-6,900
250 6,200-6,400
225 5,800-6,000
200 5,200-5,400
175 4,400-4,600
150 3500-3,700
125 2,800-3,000
100 2,100-2,300

If you are playing with a group and the chart suggests different yardages and tees, the PGA suggests playing from the same tee. Teeing off from the same spot fosters socialization and speed. Tee it Forward was designed and instituted because the PGA believes that “most golfers are playing from tee markers too long for the distance they hit the ball.”

Visit these sites for more information on the Tee It Forward golf program.

Play Golf America



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