Golf and the Olympics

Golf returns to the Summer Olympics in 2016 after a 112 year hiatus.   In April of 1993 Golf Digest posted an article about the bizarre history of golf in the Olympics.   It’s quite an interesting find, so we thought we’d share it with our readers today.

Golf’s Dubious History In The Olympics: A checkered history for the game in the Games

By Peter Dobereiner

April 1993

Historically, golf’s association with the Olympic movement has been decidedly bizarre. The Games of 1900 were held in Paris. The previous year Captain Alfred Dreyfus of the French army, a Jew, had been convicted on a charge of treason. It was undoubtedly a bum rap and France was riven by the Affaire Dreyfus.

With world attention focused on France by the Games, the government wanted to demonstrate itself to be untainted by anti-Semitism. It dismissed Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the organizer of the Games, and his committee, some of whom were believed to be royalists and anti-Semitic, and handed responsibility for the Games to the Paris Exposition Company. A contemporary historian remarked of the new organizers that “their intelligent appreciation of the task before them remains yet to be disclosed.” The Olympics were doomed to chaos.

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