Win Free Stuff From the Ole Miss Golf Course!

But flippers on a golf course? Totally normal.

We’ve decided to add a few more human interest stories to our repertoire, and we want YOUR story!  Not a writer?  No worries.  That’s why we have an editor.

Write 300-500 words on one of the following topics:

  • Why you play golf
  • What you love about golf
  • Why you started playing golf
  • Your amusing golf story

When we feature your story you’ll receive free round of golf with a cart or bucket of range balls from OMGC, a sleeve of golf balls, accessories, or other great prizes!

All entries will be checked for plagiarism, so be sure you submit original works.  Be creative!  Add an original title and pictures if you like. But leave out the four-letter words, please (except GOLF), since we’re a family-friendly enterprise.

We’re also going to be asking you some questions over the next several months.  If we feature your answer, you’ll win a prize, too!

Send your entries to Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number so we can send your prize in a timely fashion.

Everyone has a story to share.  Share your story with us and get free stuff!


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