Craziest Golf Stories

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It’s always fun to go through the internet’s archives and find little gems to pull out and share.

In 2007, Jason Sobel wrote this article and then asked his ESPN readers to tell their craziest golf stories.  He received 517 entries and chose what he believed to be the top ten for Readers’ Craziest Golf Stories.

This is our favorite:

I was in high school and was golfing with a buddy of mine. We came to a par-5, dogleg right. The dogleg has some trees that you can go over (or through) if you want to cut the corner — or shorter hitters can just go around the dogleg. I was lying two, getting ready to hit my third shot to the green. My friend had tried to cut the corner but hit some trees so he was looking for his ball. I decided to go ahead and hit. It was an OK shot, but was heading a bit right. Then, all of the sudden, I see it hit another ball in mid-air. I look over and my friend had hit at the exact same time, only to have our balls collide in the air. The odds of this happening are 1 million-to-1. We went up to find our balls, all the while going nuts about how this happened. As we approached the green we found his ball, but mine was nowhere to be found. That is, until we looked in the hole. Just like I planned it … 130 yards out, slight fade, off the golf ball in mid-air, on the green, nothing but the bottom of the cup. I will never forget it!

Read the rest of the stories here, then share your great golf story with us in the comment section.  We’ll choose the best and feature them on the blog!

Y’all have a great week!  We’ll see you Wednesday!


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