Golf Date with Destiny

Freelance writer, actor, and radio show host Chris Gay recently celebrated the anniversary of his hole-in-one by sharing the events of that day on his blog. When you’re done reading the snippet below, be sure to go over and check out the rest of his story.   The slightly self-deprecating humor will make you forget, momentarily, that you’re being forced to sit in that desk instead of meeting your own date with destiny.

From the post:

“The eleven strokes I took to finish out the 7th hole, however, was not on me. That can be laid squarely at the feet of Mother Nature. She had had the nerve to drape the entire woods to the right of the tee box with an absurd amount of foliage, showing no regard for my tendency to slice whatsoever.”

Click this link to read more from Chris Gay’s blog entry. October 17, 1997: My Golf Date with Destiny « The Passion of the Chris.


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