This Stage in the Game

by Beth Seaman

I’m probably never going to be good at golf.  I enjoy playing golf.  I love the beauty of our  course and spending time with my husband and son, though I probably ruin Hubby’s time on the course with my constant frustration and complaining.  So it’s pretty much like he’s at home even on the golf course! Ha!  Wife joke! (Sorry, honey.)

When I read this article today, I felt a little better about the emotional roller coaster that is my golf game.

In the article, David discusses his emotional journey as a golfer and compares it to the stages Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross describes in the book On Death and Dying.   David describes his journey through all the stages of emotion in his golf game from anger and depression to his acceptance of the fact that he’s never going to be any good.  This guy has been playing for years and he’s still a terrible golfer.  I’ve been playing for mere months.  I may be bad now and I may be bad 15 years from now, but just think of all the years of beating myself up I have to look forward to!

This David guy may have been playing golf for much longer than me, but  I feel like I might be a  little ahead of him in the emotions department.   I go through all those stages of emotion five times a day in every round!




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