This Week in Golf

The Aussie Open is in full swing (pun intended) and there’s no shortage of news from Down Under.

I hate to say I told you so, but…

Right now, Tiger’s got a -1 lead and his best round of the year (-5, 67) at The Lakes.  This is the first time he’s lead a tournament since the third round of the Chevron Challenge last year.

It may be slightly early for this statement, and it’s totally possible that I’ll burn myself (or jinx the guy) by saying it, but I’m gonna say it anyway.  I told y’all that Tiger was going to make a comeback.  Ok, fine.  I may not have said exactly that, but at least I didn’t say (like a bajillion of other people out there) that Tiger’s career was finished.

Rock it til the wheels fall off

Poor John Daly ran out of golf balls during his round yesterday at the Aussie Open.  He was +7 after 10 holes and a triple bogey, then hit shot after shot into the water on 11.  Onlookers say he was using the right club, but that the wind was a lot stronger than he thought it was.  He ran out of golf balls and stormed off the course.  In all, he took 15 shots on the 11th hole.  He has been banned from the Australian Tour and may not ever be invited back to Australia.

John Daly has long been a source of entertainment for the golf world, and he hasn’t always taken the game seriously, but this seems a little extreme, even for him.  Who does he think he is, Roy McAvoy

History in the Making

The World Golf Hall of Fame announced this week that it would induct Phil Mickleson in 2012.  Phil reached his 10th year of playing back in 2003 and turned 40 last year. 

Maybe you guys can explain something to me, though.  All these folks keep talking about what a great feat this is for Mickleson to have made the Hall of Fame in the Tiger Woods era, but Woods isn’t even eligible for inductionSomeone was going to be inducted.

What do you guys think about what happened in golf this week?  Picks for winners at The Lakes?


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