Top Golf Gifts for Women 2011

Women love sunglasses and shoes.  It’s encoded in their DNA much like the ability to remember completely useless statistics from decades old athletes/teams but forget birthdays and anniversaries is ingrained in men.   That said, let’s get to the good part of the post.  You know, the stuff.

Sundog Eyewear and Paula Creamer have  paired up to create a fabulous line of sunglasses.  The LPGA site has this to say about the line: “The Paula Creamer Collection features three distinct glasses all personally designed to Paula’s approval. Each sunglass compliments Paula Creamer’s winning image, style, and presence. While all glasses deliver exacting performance for all golf course conditions, they each reflect a unique aspect of Paula’s personality: fierce, mysterious, and kharisma.”





Your lips are moving, but what I’m hearing is blah, blah, blah.  Here’s what you need to know.  Sundog Eyewear is the Recommended Eyewear of the PGA of Europe and had been an official merchandise vendor at The Open Championship since 2002.  The sunglasses are gorgeous and start at $160.  They come with a microfiber carrying case and a FREE handbag!  Come on, now.  What woman doesn’t love a free handbag?! Exactly.

Free handbag


If it’s shoes your lady golfer loves, check out this article from Golf Digest to see some of the cutest shoes on the market this year.

Happy shopping, golfers!


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