Tiger’s Wins Chevron World Challenge, Chevron Cancels Sponsorship

Hope y’all had a greeat weekend.  The weather here was perfect for golf.  I’m having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit because it’s been so warm here this fall.  But that’s not a complaint.  Honest.  I’d rather it be warmer than colder, and playing golf in 70 degree weather in December isn’t something to complain about!

I guess that, by now, you guys have heard of Tiger’s big win at the Chevron World Challenge.   And I know y’all know that I don’t really care for Tiger Woods, but man, can that guy play some golf. 

Woods trailed by one shot in the last two holes of play yesterday.  He finished birdie-birdie to beat Zach Johnson by one stroke.  This was his 83rd win and the first he’s won since the Australian Masters in 2009.  When asked what he was feeling (vindication, revenge, satisfaction, etc), he commented, “It just feels awesome, whatever it is.”

The win takes him from 52nd in the rankings up to 21st.  He’s done with golf until 2012, where he’ll kick off the New Year in late January at Abu Dhabi.

There is, of course, a little drama with everything Tiger Woods.  The drama this week? Chevron is backing out as sponsor of the Tiger hosted tournament.  They’ve sponsored the tournament for the last 4 years.  I haven’t seen a reason for the decision not to renew their contract, but I think it’s a bad business decision on their part, and I think they may have jumped the gun on ending the sponsorship since Tiger is obviously back in the saddle.  I think sooner or later Chevron is going to wish they hadn’t dropped Tiger’s foundation.  The silver lining in this little  cloud  is that Tiger’s foundation can look for a bigger, better sponsor than Chevron.  And since Tiger’s back to winning, it shouldn’t be that hard. At least they still have a place to hold the tournament; Sherwood Country Club just signed another 4-year deal to host the tournament.


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