Best Golf Gifts of 2011 Continued

Back again! If you’re not a procrastinator and have purchased your gifts already, good for you! For those of you who, like me, wait until the last possible minute to purchase gifts and then spend Christmas Eve in a stress/panic frenzy, here’s another great gift idea for the golfer in your life.

The Momentus Golf Speed Swoosh AcceleratorImage

Voted one of the best new products at the PGA this year, the Speed Swoosh Accelerator claims to increase club head speed and help perfect your timing. It swings more than 20 MPH faster than a driver, though it weighs the same, and activates the fast twitch muscle fibers in your arms to increase your speed by 7 to 10 MPH after 6 swings. And perfecting your timing by using the Speed Swoosh Accelerator is supposed to increase your distance by 21-30 yards. I haven’t had the opportunity to try one out, but the consumer reviews are great. There are three different styles: for men over five feet tall, for women over 5 feet tall, and juniors under 5 feet tall.


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