Top Five Things To Do When You Can’t Play Golf

Ever wonder what to do when there’s nothing exciting going on the professional golf world and it’s too cold to get out and play?  I mean, you could clean out the garage or shovel the driveway, but it just doesn’t bring you the joy that golf does, am I right?  Well, lucky for you, I’ve devised this list of the top 5 golf related things you can do to pass the time.  You’re welcome.

#5 Clean your golf clubs.

What?  Don’t look at me like that.  It’s easier than cleaning out the garage and takes less time than anything else on the Honey Do List.  Plus,  it’s a necessary evil.  Get your old toothbrush out and read Brent Kelley’s steps on How to Clean Golf Clubs.

#4 Re-Grip your clubs.

Sure, you could pay someone else to do it for you, but why?  It’s not rocket science.  And this “How To” post by Lisa Pietsch over at SA Xtreme Magazine explains the process in wonderfully accurate detail.

#3 Watch some golf related movies

Here’s a list of some really good golf themed movies. When the wife asks you to take out the trash or get the Christmas lights up on the house, just tell her that you’re busy studying for the spring and you can’t be bothered.  *Disclaimer: Ole Miss Golf Course and their writers are not responsible for divorce or blunt force trauma incurred following this statement.

#2 Read a book on Golf

There are millions to choose from, and Goodreads has many of them listed on their “Popular Golf Books” page.  (Side note: If you’re still recovering from the frying pan to the head after the suggested movie-watching comment, you may want to look into audiobooks, as reading could aggravate your perpetual headache.)

#1 Design your own indoor golf course

Sure it’s nearly Christmas and your wife has been working her fingers to the bone to get the house spotless and organized before your family arrives, but wouldn’t Uncle Ray and all the kids like to play a little putt-putt?  Think of the joy on their faces as they watch their ball bounce down the stairs, hit the front door, fly down the hall into the livingroom, and break a vase and some picture frames before landing in the dog’s water bowl sending the resulting splash right into Aunt Edna’s face?!  That’s the gift that keeps on giving, my friends.




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