Embarrassing Moments for Hackers

Whew.  It’s hard to find things to talk about in the golf world in December, y’all.  (I’d tell you all about Yani  Tseng’s victory at Swinging Skirts, but there’s another Yani post forthcoming and I don’t want you to get bored and run off.

I did find this today, however, and got a nice chuckle out of it.   If you find it as amusing as I did, head on over to Help for Hackers and let Tom Wilson know you think he’s a funny guy.


Very much in keeping with the tone of Help For Hackers, Golf Digest recently produced a side-stitchingly astute segment on ‘The 18 Most Annoying Golf Partners’.

In a similar vein, listed below is an accumulation of the 18 most shameful ways to embarrass oneself on the links. All of which are commonplace, of course, to us hackers:

1)    Taking an iron off the tee for ‘safety’. And subsequently leaving yourself so far back you need to hit a wood for your second shot.

2)    Being waved through by the group in front only to then hit your worst shot of the day right underneath their noses.

3)    Overruling a partner on the line of a putt in team golf, only for ball then to miss on the side of the hole they correctly predicted it would miss.

4)    Yelling “FORE” at the top of your voice to then see your shot drop harmlessly clear of the dozens of surrounding golfers bent over with their hands over their heads.

5)    Spluttering and puffing past bemused onlookers as you sprint back to retrieve your wedge from where you left it on the previous green.

Read the rest on Help for Hackers


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