Great Golf Gifts 2011

Found a couple of really neat products to share with  y’all  this week.  And if you’re still looking for that perfect gift for your golfer, these are totally awesome and can still make it under the tree for Christmas morning.

First up is the Deluxe Electronic Cooler Caddie.

Cocktails, anyone?

Let’s just say that you want to have a few cocktails on the golf course, but you’d like to be discreet about it.  This little contraption holds 54 ounces of liquid.  Let me save you the Google search (why should you have to Google if I already have, right?) and tell you that 54 ounces is over a liter and half.  So please arrange a ride home from the course if you and your golfing buddies polish that off in one round; we don’t condone drinking and driving.

The Cooler Caddie is electric and requires 4AA batteries and has a one button, stainless steel dispenser.  It holds hot and cold drinks, is easy to clean, and has a fillable pouch that fits into the side pocket of your golf bag.  The cooler is $89.99 from

And if you like the idea of the Cooler Caddie, but don’t want to fork out the almost $100 after shipping, there’s a less expensive version called the Golf Club Kooler Klub.  It holds 48 ounces of liquid, which claims is 38 shots, 4.1 beers, or 1.9 bottles of wine.  Instead of pressing a button, there is a pump on the Kooler Klub that works like a keg.  The cooler portion is large enough to hold ice, but still slides right into your bag like a club.  It also comes with a handy cleaning brush.  But the best part is that this little gem is only $44.99 + shipping.  You may need to pay for expedited shipping on this one to make sure it’s under the tree on time, but your golfer will love it.

We’ll see you again on Friday, guys!  If you’d like to hear about anything in particular, shoot us an email at and let us know!



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6 responses to “Great Golf Gifts 2011

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  2. Love it, gotta get myself one of those woods for my bag. I too came up with a Christmas must-have list – but clearly missed out that pearler

  3. Oh yeah. That’s definitely on my list to buy if Santa doesn’t leave it under my tree!

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