The Ultimate Last Minute Golf Gift

Today is Wednesday.  Christmas is Sunday.  You’ve waited until the last possible minute to do your Christmas shopping and now you can’t buy something online and get it here before the Christmas.  What do you do?  You listen to the sage advice of a crafty, left-brained writer and make it look like you spent months planning the perfect gift even if you put it together on Christmas Eve.

The Perfect Golf Gift Basket

Now before you get all weird and think that this is some sort of arts and craft project, think again.  This is a bonafide, surefire, positively manly present, so just keep reading.  Ladies aren’t the only ones who can make cool gift baskets.  Here’s what you do.

1.  Buy some (or all) of the following items:

  • Little snack bags (pretzels, Combos, Corn Nuts, power bars, etc.)
  • golf balls
  • tees
  • ball markers
  • divot fixers
  • practice balls
  • a nice flask
  • cigars
  • a nice portable cup
  • golf book or magazine
  • travel sized tubes of sunscreen
  • golf towel
  • bottle of decent booze
  • a sixer of good beer
  • gift certificate to local pub (for post round lunch and beer)
  • golf shirt
  • new glove

2.  Buy a decorative box and some tissue paper.

3.  Toss everything into the box, cover the top with tissue paper, tape the box closed, slap a bow on it, and deliver the sucker.

See how easy that was?!  And now you’re the best gift giver of the year.

Merry Christmas from OMGC!


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