2011: The Year of Yani

A lot of professional golfers had great years this year.  Rory and Darren won their first major tournaments; Lexi Thompson was accepted into theYani Tseng, 2011 LPGA Player of the Year LPGA, Staci Hollis and Phil Mickleson made it to the Hall of Fame; and Tiger staged a comeback.  But none of these golfers had half the year Yani Tseng did.

The 22 year old golf phenom added 7 LPGA, 4 other titles, and a second Player of the Year to her growing resume this year.  She already has 20 of the 27 points needed for induction to the Hall of Fame.  At 22!

Check out these stats, y’all.  They’re incredible.

  • 1st in scoring average at 69.38
  • 1st in driving distance at 267.9 yards
  • 1st in birdies scored at 333 (333! That’s more birdies than I’ll have in my entire lifetime.)
  • 1st in rounds under par at 73.9%
  • 1st in top 10 finishes at 65%
  • finished outside the top 20 only four times
  • finished outside the top 30 only once

She’s not the next Tiger Woods.  She’s better than Tiger Woods.  And she’s got her entire career ahead of her.  She’s got our vote for professional golfer of 2011! Congrats, Yani!  Can’t wait to watch you in 2012!


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