JT Brings Sexy Back to Callaway

Justin Timberlake has put his return to music on hold to help Callaway dig itself out of a four year decline.  The 30 year old singer/actor was named Creative Director of Callaway in December, and has been helping the failing company craft a hip new campaign to draw younger fans to the brand.

The campaign,which kicks off at the Farmer’s Insurance Open, features famous golfers like Phil Mickleson and Annika Sorensten using Callaway equipment to perform mind-boggling feats at famous venues in Vegas.  Annika Sorenstam, for example, hits golf balls from rooftop to rooftop, using  a helicopter in leiu of a golf cart.

Callaway, whose profits have been declining since the 2008 recession, hopes that Timberlake can help them lower the average age of their customers, which now sits at 55.  Timberlake says he hopes to bring a little more “Rock and Roll” to the company, without alienating their current fan base.   Equipment purchases went up 1.25% in 2011, but Callaway continues to show a decrease in profit.

Golf is not a  new new hobby for the singer; he built his own golf course, Mirimichi, in Memphis, Tennessee. Callaway spokesman Tim Buckman said of Timberlake, “We were first drawn to him because he’s a fantastic golfer.”


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