Weekend Motivation: Confidence

You have to have the right attitude and strategy to accomplish your goals.  You can’t shave three strokes off your score or put an end to 3-putts unless you believe you can do it (and get your butt off the couch to practice).  How you handle yourself on the course is just as important as the hours you spend on the practice range.  Here are a few tips to get keep you on the right mental track while you’re on the course.

Relax.  Make a concerted effort to release tension in your body.  Roll your shoulders, take deep breaths, and loosen the grip on your club before you take a shot.  Don’t let all the little things get to you.   Learn to shake off the bad shots and take them in stride.  The more relaxed you are on the course, the easier it is to concentrate on the present.

Stay in the moment.  Try not to think about more than one swing at a time.  Don’t think about the last green when you’re on a tee box or how you’re going to get to the green from your next shot.  If you’re focusing on anything other than the present, you’re not putting all your concentration into making the current shot count.

Have Confidence.  Negative thinking is the biggest obstacle to your golf game.  You have to believe that you’re going to hit that shot, make that putt, hole that chip.  Then visualize yourself doing it.  Because honestly, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?


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