Bunkers Aren’t So Bad After All via PlayerDevelopmentGolfBlog

Many golfers fear sand-traps and just that name alone evokes dread for most casual golfers however simply changing your perspective can help alleviate anxiety often associated with these shots.  

Technically they are called bunkers and it’s one of the only hazards on the course that are regularly conditioned and maintained by the golf course superintendent to play as consistent as possible. This is why many professionals would rather be in the bunker as opposed to the rough around the green.

First and foremost when you find yourself in a bunker, your goal is to simply get the ball out and onto the green.  To leave your ball in the sand is a difficult reality for golfers everywhere and one I hope to help you experience less often.  With a little practice applying these techniques, your confidence will grow and you will begin to create a ‘feel’ of how to hit better bunker shots.

The definition of a bunker shot is a pitch shot that we intentionally chunk or hit behind the ball.  We do not want to actually hit the ball cleanly when making a bunker swing.  It is often referred to as a “splash” or “blast” shot because we splash out sand and the ball at the same time.

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