Golf Clubs for Intermediate Golfers

As your game improves, you must add new clubs that gradually help you manage and perfect your game.  As an intermediate golfer, you’re more consistent and confident in your play, and your iron shots are not only becoming more accurate, they’re covering the proper distances.  There’s still a lot of work to be done, but you’re coming along nicely.  So what clubs should you add to improve your game?  Maybe we can help.


You’ll want to continue using an oversized driver with a 10- to 12- degree loft to maximize distance and accuracy.  Make sure you choose a club which fits your game. Big hitters who get plenty of distance but lose accuracy should look for a steel-shafted club with a big head. If you need more distance, you’ll want the flexibility of a graphite club.

Woods and Hybrids

As a beginner, you needed clubs with a higher loft to maximize your distance.  Now you should consider decreasing the loft.  Consider, too, a 3 or 4 hybrid to add distance to your shots.


As an intermediate golfer, you’ll want to add more wedges.  Consider a lob or gap wedge for times when you need the extra loft.


Game improvement irons would be a good investment at this point.  60% of your shots in any given round are hit with irons and game improvement irons are meant to be forgiving so you hit the ball further, straighter, and more consistently.


You may want to continue using the same putter if you’re comfortable with it.  If you want to try something better, look into using an MOI mallet.


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  1. Did you forget to mention that any new clubs should be custom fitted. What better way than by the manufacture. Look for demos in your area and ask for a fitting. It is free and you may get a discount to boot.

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