Improve your Club Head Speed

Want to know the key to greater distance and solid ball striking?  Club head speed.  Try these tips to revamp your swing and improve your game.

Proper Grip

The V’s between your thumbs and forefingers should point toward your back shoulder.  Make sure you always grip the club lightly; gripping the club too tightly is the biggest reason that most average golfers struggle with club head speed.

Arm Extension

Extend your arms through the impact area. When the club head strikes the ball, your arms should be fully extended.  Average golfers have a tendency to pull the club in toward their bodies as they strike the ball, which slows down your swing causing distance loss and mis-hits.

Proper Hip Movement

As your front hip clears properly in your downswing, the club will act as a slingshot, creating and releasing energy with strong centrifugal force during ball impact.



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