Great Drill for Bunker Shots

The purpose of this drill is to develop confidence when hitting out of bunkers.  Think of it this way: getting out of the sand is, in theory, easier than getting out of the rough since sand is more consistent and predictible.  By learning this shot, you’ll be helping yourself in 90% of the situations you encounter when you’re playing a shot from the sand.

Place a tee in the sand and set your ball on top of it.  The top of the tee should be just below the top of the sand.  Dig your feet firmly into the sand and choke up on your club a little to compensate. Open your club face slightly to avoid digging too deeply into the sand and hit behind the ball at a shallow angle, clipping off the top of the tee.  Take a long, shallow divot out of the sand and be sure to keep your left arm moving through the ball. By doing so, you’re swinging the club through and under the sand.  The closer you hit to the ball, the more spin you’ll put on the shot. Like any other shot, distance is controlled by your backswing, and don’t forget: always follow through and finish high.

Need a place to practice your sand shots? 


Headed to the beach for your summer vacation? Don’t forget to pack your sand wedge!



Pretend the cacti are the pins!


Need something a little closer to home? How about one of the many swim beaches at Sardis and Enid?



Somewhere more realistic? Practice in your own back yard!




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