Hitting from an Uphill Slope

Since course conditions don’t always allow you to hit off a nice, level surface, here’s a drill for hitting shots on an uphill slant.

When your ball sits on an uphill slope, your weight shifts to your back foot causing you to put more loft on the ball.  Make sure your setup for the shot is a proper one.  The ball should be two inches back front center and you should have 60% of your weight on your front foot and 40% on the back foot.  Hold that weight balance throughout your shot. Be sure to adjust your shoulder and hops slightly so they’re level with your feet.  This will allow you to follow through on th ehill instead of hitting your club into the ground on your follow through.

Since the slope of the hill adds loft to your shot, you’ll need to do one of two things: hit the shot a bit harder than you would from a flat lie, or use a club with less loft.   If you’d normally use a sand wedge on a hill, try using a pitching wedge instead.  That should reduce some of the loft and give you more roll after the ball hits the green.


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