Phil Mickelson Withdraws from Memorial Because of Fatigue


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DUBLIN, Ohio (AP) — Phil Mickelson hit the wall and then headed for the exit,  withdrawing from the Memorial after a 79 on Thursday because of mental  fatigue.
Mickelson said it was more important for him to be rested for  the U.S. Open in two weeks than to finish Jack Nicklaus’ tournament. He  attributed the fatigue to playing three straight weeks, and then going to Europe  to celebrate his wife’s 40th birthday. He returned home to play a corporate  outing Tuesday in New York, flew to Ohio for the pro-am and found his head  wasn’t in the game.
“The course here is in such great shape. It’s a  beautiful way to get ready for the U.S. Open,” he said. “But I’m hitting it so  poorly that … I have to look at what’s best for me to play in the U.S. Open,  and I’m going to take the next few days to kind of rest up.”
It’s not  unusual for players to withdraw after a high score – it was Mickelson’s worst in  the 13 trips to the Memorial – and three other players withdrew Thursday. But  it’s rare when the player is of Mickelson’s stature, a four-time major champion  inducted this month into the World Golf Hall of Fame.
Mickelson could not  think of another time he withdrew without physical injury.
“I feel like  it’s the responsibility of a player to see through your commitment and finish  the tournament and so forth,” Mickelson said. “And I’m kind of overruling that  just a touch, because I’m trying to think big picture on what’s the best way for  me to get ready for the Open.”
The last time Mickelson withdrew was also  at the Memorial in 2007, only then he had injured his wrist while practicing out  of the rough at Oakmont for the U.S. Open, and he stopped after 11 holes.  Mickelson wound up missing the cut at Oakmont.

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