Improving Your Grip

Make the V’s!

The most common cause of a slice is an incorrect grip. To correct your grip at address, make sure that you can see the first two knuckles of your left hand and that a “V” is formed between your thumb and first finger that points to your right shoulder.

Keep a light grip with the right hand!

Usually, you have to keep the right side of your body solid to hit a good shot, but loosen up on your grip.  Some golfers grip the club too tightly with the right hand, creating unnecessary tension.  Over-gripping can cause you to hit over the top of or across the ball.  To correct your grip strength, check it before each swing.  On a scale of 1 to 10, you should have muscle tension on the right side at a 6 or 7.

Forearm Strength

If your left wrist breaks down through impact and is dominated by the right arm, you top, pull, and lose distance on shots.  To fix this problem, try this drill: hold the club straight out in front of you using the last three fingers of your left hand.  Using your wrists, lift and lower the club 10-12 times.  Repeat three times without bending your arms and it will train the appropriate motion to your muscle memory.

Try a Crosshand Grip

Wrists should never breakdown and should always work together.  If you have problems in this area, use the crosshand grip.  Place the left hand on the grip where the right hand would normally be and put the right hand at the top of the grip.  This forces your hands to work together and is essential for good putting.


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