Three Small Tips That Will Help Your Putting in a Big Way

Putting often accounts for up to 40% of your golf score, so if you’re having trouble shaving strokes off your score, spend a little more time on your short game.  The tips below can help you improve your game and lower your score

Take a shorter backswing.  This allows for greater control through acceleration and allows a cleaner hit on the ball while maintaining your line on the putt. Putting requires a firm strike on the ball as you accelerate the putter through the ball. Take the putter back a shorter distance and speed up through the ball.

Focus on your actual target. For lengthier putts, concentrate not on the hole, but your target.  This should be about 9-12 inches in front of your target for longer putts.  Check the overall shape of the the green when you approach it from the fairway, and be sure to factor in influences like the speed of the green, how the grass lies after cutting, and wind speed/direction.   Once you’ve lined up that spot, never break your focus on it.

Use your shoulders.  They’re larger than the muscles in your hands, wrists, and forearms, and will be more consistent, especially when the pressure’s on.




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