3 Drills Guaranteed to Improve Your Putting

 Reading Speed

Green speeds often vary from course to course (and day to day), and it can be frustrating trying to acclimate yourself to the speed on a course if it’s significantly different to the greens you normally play.  To counter this problem, you should exaggerate your practice stroke. For instance, if you’re playing on greens that are faster than usual, try taking your practice swing closer to the hole than the ball lies.  If the greens are playing slower than usual, take a practice stroke from farther back than where your ball lies.  Doing so will force you to adjust the speed of your putt accordingly. Then go back to your ball and hit it using the feel of the practice putt.

The Daft Punk Drill Around the World Drill

Set 4 balls around the hole on a flat putting green with the balls about a foot from the cup.  Shoot from that distance until you sink all four putts in a row. Once you’ve mastered the one-footers, move back to two feet from the hole and sink all those.  Then move back to three feet, four feet, etc.

Place four balls around a hole on a flat area of the putting green, with the balls only one foot from the cup.  When you use this drill, keep moving the ball back until you’re at a distance where you’re not automatically guaranteed to sink the putts.  Make that distance your limit until you’ve mastered all the putts inside that distance, then add lengthier putts. Always apply your putting technique (yes, even for the one-foot putts) and start over each time you miss.


Practicing with one hand will help you get down the feel of the putting stroke. Hold the putter in your dominant hand only and make your stroke.  As you practice from different distances, add a little wrist action into your stroke to promote a true roll.  And remember, a tension-free stroke will create the best results.


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