Determining Your Weaknesses: The 11 Ball Drill

The 11 Ball Drill is a great drill to help you determine the weak spots in your short game.

Using 11 golf balls, think of one type of shot that you’re good at and hit all 11 balls toward the hole.  For instance, if you’re good at pitching the ball from just off the green, hit 11 shots from that lie.

Once you’ve hit all 11 balls, remove the 5 shots that are closest to the pin.  This will leave you with 6 balls on the green.

Next, remove the 5 balls which are furthest from the pin.  Consider the ball left on the green your average shot.

To determine where you need help, go back and try the shots again to see if your average is the same.

You can use the 11 Ball Drill on any aspect of your short game–lob shots, pitches, chips, bunker shots–to determine your weaknesses near the green.


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