Hitting a Power Fade

A power fade is a shot that moves intentionally from left to right throught the air. It takes days of practice to learn how to hit a proper power fade, and you must already be playing at an advanced level to hit one properly. Learning this shot can not only be a great addition to your repetoire, it can vastly improve your game.

So how do you hit a power fade? Try this:

1. Hit the range and work your regular warmup routine.

2. Once you’re good and prepped, choose a mid- to high-iron or a driver and find a target that corresponds length-wise to the club you picked.

3. Approach the ball with your normal address. Because trying to change the flight of the ball by adjusting your swing mechanics can be detrimental to your normal swing, alter your feet at address instead by aiming 10 to 15 yards left of your target.

4. Grip the club with a weaker grip, allowing the clubface to stay open at impact. The open clubface is key to hit a power fade.

5. Create an out-to-in swing path by dropping your front foot 8- or 10- inches in your stance to create the fade you want.

The more you practice this shot, you will better learn how to control the height and amount of fade you put on the ball.

Have other helpful hints for hitting a power fade? Help our readers by leaving them in the comment section!


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