These Three Common Golf Swing Mistakes are Destroying Your Power Shots

Your swing mistakes are killing your drives and accuracy. Here are the top three most common golf swing mistakes and how to correct them:

1. The Over-The-Top Swing

This swing typically results in a pull slice and lessens power because the upper body is leading the downswing instead of the lower body. Instead of pulling the club farther to the inside of your backswing to compensate, take the club back in a straighter line away from the ball so the club doesn’t get too far behind you during your back swing.  This puts you in a better position at the top of your backswing, and you’ll be able to allow your arms to drop into a better position to move your hips laterally in the downswing before they begin to turn. Be sure your lower body is moving first to start your downswing.

2. Releasing your hands too early.

If you release your hands too early in your downswing, you lose power. When your arms are extended in line with the club when your hands are still a foot behind the club, you’re going to hit the ball only with the power from your arms instead of letting the club whip through when your hands are released properly.  While your hands are almost even with the ball in your downswing, your club should lag behind.  Focus on moving your lower body to start your downswing, as above. Then, keep your wrist cocked slightly longer in your downswing.

3. The Reverse Pivot

This happens when you don’t shift your weight to your back foot during your downswing. It’s usually cause when you tilt your hips instead of turning them.  This reduces your ability to shift your weight from back to front properly, reducing your swing speed. Turn your shoulders and hips so the center of your chest  is over your back foot. Bend your back knee, but make sure it’s not bent outside your back foot. As a right-handed player, you should feel your body weight all along your right side.

Swing changes don’t happen overnight, so don’t get discouraged if it take a while to correct these mistakes. As you improve, you’ll notice an increase in the solidity of your shots as well as your distance.



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3 responses to “These Three Common Golf Swing Mistakes are Destroying Your Power Shots

  1. I watch my wife reverse pivoting all the time but I don’t dare say anything. I wish I knew of a drill or a trick to tell her to do that would allow her to fix it without my getting too involved! 😉 Thanks for the great blog – Hope you don’t mind if I reblog from time to time!!

    • We’re just honored that you enjoy the posts enough to share them with your readers! Reblog away!

      As for your wife, you’re wise to avoid the argument. Let us ask our resident expert if he knows a drill for this and we’ll get back to you. Until then, way to keep your marriage a happy one! 🙂

    • Don’t know if you saw, but we found a drill that will help you with the reverse pivot. We posted it on Friday. Hope it helps your situation without having to sleep on the couch! 🙂

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