Reader Request: The Reverse Pivot Drill

From one of our readers (we’re withholding his name to protect him from flying clubs):

I watch my wife reverse pivoting all the time but I don’t dare say anything. I wish I knew of a drill or a trick to tell her to do that would allow her to fix it without my getting too involved! 

Ask and you shall receive, buddy! We’ve got the perfect fix that won’t have you sleeping on the sofa!

The Shadow Drill

1. Place your ball on the ground and stand so that your shadow is perpendicular to the ball.

2. Take your normal swing. If you reverse pivot, your shadow will move in front of the ball first instead of behind it.

3. To correct your reverse pivot, make sure your shadow is moving with your swing; it should move slightly behind the ball on your backswing, and then forward in your downswing. When your shadow moves in this way, you know you’re shifting your weight properly.

Hope this helps!



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