5 Great Tips for Building Confidence in Your Golf Game

Develop a great shot routine
Feeling confident in even high pressure situations is easier if you have a solid shot routine. Your fundamentals will be right, you’ve mentally and physically rehearsed your shot, you’re composed, and you’re prepared well before you make your swing.

Don’t criticize yourself during your round
Berating yourself about your mistakes during your round will kill a positive attitude faster than anything else. Remember to learn from your mistakes at the end of your round.

Don’t react negatively to bad shots
The more frustrated you become over your previous shots, the more frustrated you become about your round in general. Not only that, it will take much longer to regain your confidence. Learn to let go of what has already happened and stay in the present. If you hit a bad shot, immediately find something else to focus on; go to your happy place, so to speak. The sooner you get over your bad shots, the better off your game is in the long run.

Get out of your comfort zone

When you overcome nerves, doubt, and fear, you’ll be a stronger, more confident golfer. When you put yourself in situations where you feel out of sorts and uncomfortable, getting through those situations increase your confidence. As in any situation, however, always rely on your routine when you can.

Accentuate the positive

When your round is over, honestly evaluate the areas that need work, but concentrate mainly on what you did well. The more you focus on what you did well, the more confident you will be become.


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