2 Great Tips for Using a Belly Putter

Putter Ball HoleBelly putters are designed to add stability in your golf game and use an extra long shaft which rests on your body for leverage. While they’re used with the same putting stance as a normal-sized putter, they can  be tricky to use. For better results, try these helpful tips when using the belly putter.

Tip #1: The Stance:

With evenly balanced weight and feet spread at shoulder distance, align the ball so it sits between your feet. Line the putter up and rest the end of the shaft on your sternum by bending over. As with any putter, eyes should be centered over the ball while you read the green. The non-dominant hand should be placed near the top of the shaft and the elbow of that arm should be pointing at a 90-degree angle toward the hole. Your dominant hand should be placed with the palm facing toward the hole at the bottom of the grip. If necessary, point your index finger down the shaft for added stability.

Tip #2: The Follow-Through:

Taking a swing with a belly putter feels effortless, so it is often alluring to let the club’s momentum carry it through. Don’t do this! By stopping during your follow-through, you lessen the force on the ball at the moment of impact and your shot won’t travel the correct distance. It can also cause the face of the club to rotate, which affects the accuracy of your putt. The swing on your follow-though should always be about the same size as your backswing.

Do you have any tips for using the belly putter to share? Leave us a note in the comment section! 


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