Wrist Hinge Drills, Part One

You have to hinge your wrists during your swing if you want to create power in your swing and make a clean hit on the ball. Hinging your wrists will allow your club head to lag slightly behind your arms, increasing the speed of your club head and sharpening your impact. It’s difficult to master the correct wrist hinge, so we’ll be presenting a two part post with some drills that will help you perfect it.

Pinkie-Off Drill

To get the feeling of momentum inducing the wrist hinge, grip the club normally, then slide your top hand up until your pinkie isn’t touching the club. Without your pinkie for support, the club’s weight will force a wrist hinge at the top of your backswing. Make a few practice swings that way, then try with your normal grip, again trying to mimic the feeling of the drill.

The Hinge Drill

The key to hinging your wrist properly is a complete, connected swing. If you legs, arms, and upper body move together in your backswing, your wrists will be forced to hinge at the first moment of downswing.
Practice keeping your body together by grasping a club near the middle of the shaft and placing the grip onto your stomach. Now take a few practice swings. If you swing properly, your wrist will hinge automatically when you reach the top of your backswing. Then take your normal grip and try to mimic the feeling of the drill.

We’ll have two more wrist drills on Friday to get you prepped and ready for your practice session this weekend.

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