Wrist Hinge Drills, Part Two

On Wednesday, we began a two part series on drills to help you develop the proper wrist hinge. Today, we continue with two last drills guaranteed to help you cock your wrist properly.

Cross-Handed Grip

To help you feel what a proper wrist hinge feels like, try switching hands, with your dominant hand on the top (right hand for right-handed folk, left hand for lefties). This unnatural grip forces your wrists to hinge and increases the angle of the shaft. Like Wednesday’s wrist drills, you’ll want to take a few practice swings and then try to mimic the moves with your normal grip.

The Early Wrist-Cock Drill

At address, cock your wrist back. Correctly cocking your wrist will pull the club head away from the ball and place the shaft parallel to the ground. Freeze at this point and then try to make a normal backswing while your wrist is still bent. Then, after a few practice swings, try to do everything in a single fluid motion.

These drills will help you master a proper wrist hinge and add some power to your swing. If you have questions, leave it in the comments section and we’ll do our best to get you an answer! See you guys next week!


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