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Tips for Hitting on Windy Days

It has been unusually windy in Mississippi these past few days and that got us thinking, what are some good tips for people who are braving the course on these breezy days. These tips may be of use to you in the coming weeks and months as Old Man Winter blows in.

  • Take a lower stance when hitting the ball. Lowering your center of gravity will help your balance.
  • Think about the direction of the wind. Winds blowing left to right or vice versa will mean you need to adjust your aim to a point in the opposite direction of the wind to compensate.
  • When hitting into the wind, choose a club up from the one you’d normally use in a given situation. Use one club up for every 10 mph of wind. So if the wind is blowing 20 mph, go up two clubs. You’ll also want the ball father back in your stance to lower the trajectory of the ball.
  • If you’re hitting with the wind, lower your club length .The same rule applies here as hitting into the wind. For every 10 mph of wind, lower the club. The wind will continue to push the ball after you’ve hit it.
  • Use your normal swing! Trying to speed up your swing to hit into the wind will cause your swing arc to fall out of place and you’ll mishit the ball.
  • When chipping downwind, hit the ball softer and allow it to roll closer to the hole. When you’re hitting upwind, hit the ball slightly harder to carry it farther.
  • Putting usually isn’t affected by winds under 20-25 mph, but in strong winds, use the tips for wind direction above to guide your aim.

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