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Tips for Golfing in Cold Weather

Colder air causes more resistance during the ball’s flight, and golfers often take a harder swing to compensate. But attempting to hit the ball harder alters your swing plane and ruins your shot. Here are some simple tips to help you avoid mishaps when the temperatures are chilly.

Frost on a golf course


1. Take a swing that lowers the trajectory of the your ball. Use a shallow sing place and hit farther back in your stance.


2. At address, set your shoulders properly. For right handers, your right shoulder should be slightly lower than your left. Your right arm should be relaxed and your elbow should be tucked in. Never let your right shoulder pass the ball.

3. Use more club if you need too.  The ball won’t travel as far in the winter months,  so it may take up to two extra clubs to make up the difference. You
4. Keep your hands warm. While there are many golf gloves on the market that can help keep your digits warm in winter, the best method is keeping your hands warm between shots. Keeping hand warmers in your pockets can help warm your fingers rapidly between shots. can also consider moving a tee closer to the pin than usual.

5. Use colored balls. If you’re playing golf after the longer grass has died, it can be hard to find your ball if it’s white. Using a colored ball will help you keep track of your shots better.

6. Stay hydrated. It is tempting to drink coffee, tea, cocoa, or other warm beverages when you’re out in the cold, but don’t forget to drink fluids that will hydrate you, too!

The cold air affects your body and the ball differently. Consider golfing in cold weather a challenge, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do as well as you would in the warmer months.


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