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Left Handed Golf Tips for Beginners

As a lefty, has anyone ever told you to “just take the tips you read for right handed players and reverse them.” Sometimes that can be easier said than done. Here are some left handed golf tips that will have you shooting better in no time.

left handed golf tips are important for beginners

  • Use an extra long tee and tee the ball high. Hitting from a low tee can cause hooks, while hitting from a higher tee can gain you around 12 extra yards by improving your trajectory (hitting a ball that travels at the optimum height for distance).
  • Play the ball 2 ball lengths forward in your stance. Just like the first tip, this will get the ball higher into the air, getting you more yardage per shot.
  • Lead your swing with your right hand and finish with your left.
  • Slow down your swing! Swinging hard and fast can draw your swing offline. Taking a smooth swing will help you hit the sweet spot on the club, resulting in a longer drive. When you hit your swing hard and fast, you tightenyour wrists and arms, which impacts your swing arc (the path your swing takes from back swing to impact) causing hooks and slices.
  • Know the layout of the course. As a lefty, this is an especially important piece of advice. Many courses feature holes that bend to the right (also called a dogleg). Lefties must draw the ball to the right on these shot in order to keep the ball in play.
  • This is probably the most important left handed golf tip you’ll ever hear: Invest in a set of left handed golf clubs. While you can often play decently with right handed golf clubs, you’ll never play as well as you could if you had the proper equipment.

Are you a lefty? Do you have any tips that you’d like to share with your fellow right-brainers?

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