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Game Guru Dave Pelz says to learn a “sh

Game Guru Dave Pelz says to learn a “short-to-long” pitch to save strokes when you miss greens.

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USGA and Royal & Ancient Golf Club Consider Belly Putters

The heated debate on belly putters continues this week as the USGA and Royal & Ancient Golf Club propose a ban on the anchoring of clubs during a stroke. The proposed ban wouldn’t make the use of belly and chest putters illegal, rather, it would make anchoring them to the body against the rules.

U.S. Golf Association executive director Mike Davis told the Golf Channel, “We’re not doing this because we said (anchoring) is a great advantage. It may be advantageous for some, but this is fundamentally about what we think is the right thing for the game.”


This new rule,  14-1b, would take effect in 2016 when the new Rules of Golf is published. It will encompass all levels of golf, from the amateur to professional.

Three of the last five major winners have used belly putters to claim their victories, including 14-year old Tianlang Guan, who won the Asian Amateur with a belly putter he’d begun using only 6 months before.

What do you think about the debate over belly putters?




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Happy Thanksgiving from The Ole Miss Golf Course

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by | November 21, 2012 · 2:58 pm

Tips for Hitting on Windy Days

It has been unusually windy in Mississippi these past few days and that got us thinking, what are some good tips for people who are braving the course on these breezy days. These tips may be of use to you in the coming weeks and months as Old Man Winter blows in.

  • Take a lower stance when hitting the ball. Lowering your center of gravity will help your balance.
  • Think about the direction of the wind. Winds blowing left to right or vice versa will mean you need to adjust your aim to a point in the opposite direction of the wind to compensate.
  • When hitting into the wind, choose a club up from the one you’d normally use in a given situation. Use one club up for every 10 mph of wind. So if the wind is blowing 20 mph, go up two clubs. You’ll also want the ball father back in your stance to lower the trajectory of the ball.
  • If you’re hitting with the wind, lower your club length .The same rule applies here as hitting into the wind. For every 10 mph of wind, lower the club. The wind will continue to push the ball after you’ve hit it.
  • Use your normal swing! Trying to speed up your swing to hit into the wind will cause your swing arc to fall out of place and you’ll mishit the ball.
  • When chipping downwind, hit the ball softer and allow it to roll closer to the hole. When you’re hitting upwind, hit the ball slightly harder to carry it farther.
  • Putting usually isn’t affected by winds under 20-25 mph, but in strong winds, use the tips for wind direction above to guide your aim.

Did you find these tips helpful? Have a golf tip you’d like to share?Give our post a like or leave us a note in the comments section. We’re always glad to hear from you!


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Updates and Information from the Ole Miss Golf Course


Hello, everyone! We want to take the time today to update you on a few things happening in our online community. 

First, our Who Has the Best Party in The Grove photo contest is going great! Thanks to everyone who has entered or voted for a photo so far. Don’t forget that you can vote once daily! The contest ends November 16th, so head on over to our Facebook page and vote–after you finish here, of course. 

In other important golf course news, we’re working hard every day to grow and foster our online community.  In an attempt to make it as easy as possible for our fans to access important information about The Ole Miss Golf Course, we’re currently working to move the blog over to our website. This will likely take some time, and we ask for your patience and understanding as we work to make your experience as smooth as possible. For the time being, we’ll be posting on both venues, and when everything is situated, we’ll move over to the website. We appreciate your understand and look forward to providing you with golf tips, instruction, and drills in the months and years to come. 

Thanks to each and every one of you for supporting your Ole Miss Golf Course. We look forward to seeing you in the pro shop soon! 

Hotty toddy!


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This is a great instructional tool for golfers of any skill level. Many thanks to Ian Hardy of for passing along his link!


18 simple ways

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened”Buddha

By Ian Hardie

***Please note this guide is no longer available and has been replaced by a new free guide – 18 things you should know about golf – to get your copy click on one of the images of the cover which you will see at various places around this page***

 So here it is.

A free 62 page guide called – 18 Simple ways to easily improve your golf.

When I began writing this golf blog, I started by writing about all sorts of different things related to golf.

Mainly because I wasn’t exactly sure of what golfers would find most useful. 

I knew what I found useful personally and what had worked effectively while teaching golf over the years

But was I able to convey…

View original post 448 more words

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New Contest! Who Throws the Best Party in The Grove?

Enter your photo on our Facebook page now!

And don’t forget to share the link with your friends after the photo has been uploaded! The photo with the most votes will win the prizes!

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How the Stack and Tilt Golf Method Can Help Improve Your Iron Shots

Using the Stack and Tilt golf method can improve your iron shotsThe stack and tilt golf method can be helpful for players with inconsistent iron shots and can decrease your risk of developing golfer’s back.

What is the Stack and Tilt Golf Method?

The basic principles of the stack and tilt golf method are fairly simple. Your back remains vertical over the ball instead of twisting, your weight stays mainly on your lead foot, and your weight never shifts away from the ball. If you reverse pivot–that is, if you shift your weight to your left leg on your backswing–using this swing can eliminate problems such as fat, thin, or weak shots.

Instructions for creating the Stack and Tilt:

1. Setup with the ball in the center of your stance (or slightly farther forward for longer irons)
2. During your backswing, your head should remain centered above the ball. Constantly shift your weight forward, moving about 55-65% of your weight onto your front leg, flexing it while your back leg straightens almost completely. Your shoulders should take a sharper angle, holding your front arm close to your chest. Your trailing arm’s elbow should remain near your body.
3. On your downswing, continue shifting your weight to the front. Your hips should pivot forward powerfully.
4. Your follow-through will be the same as a traditional golf swing—your backside will tuck slightly in and your upper body will have moved forward.

The stack and tilt method may not work for everyone, since all golfers have different swing patterns. Think about your golf game; if you’re struggling with your irons and feel like you can’t find a natural-feeling swing, give this method a try.

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This is a great article by Arnold Palmer and Guy Yocum from Golf Illustrated. These are truly some great things to remember when you’re out on the course.

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We think this post is too good not to share. The Skills Test for 3 Feet Putts is an excellent way to determine the strengths and weaknesses in your short game.

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